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L-621-B Long Cycle Suit

This is a full-length version of our cycle suit, brought to you by customer demand! Pewter colored latex is used for the sleeves, side stripes, and crotch area. This rubber suit has a front entry zipper that runs to the back. 

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  • Black and Pewter
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Long Cycle Suit
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Cyclists are just so damn hot. That’s why we offer a range of cycle gear inspired items in our rubber collection. We have the cycle shorts, the short cycle suit, and now we present to you, our Long Cycle Suit. We’ve used pewter colored latex for the contrasting details, because we love how this latex looks like liquid metal on the body. Our favorite detail about this suit is the seam line above the chest that flows into the torso, creating a stripe that runs down the side of the body to the ankles. It really enhances the masculine figure. We’ve also highlighted the crotch area in the same pewter color to reflect this element often seen in cycle sportswear. So are you ready to ride?

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Long Cycle Suit

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