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A practical bracelet made of pure rubber, with an integrated wallet, so that you can always carry your private treasures comfortably with you. Fastens closed with snap buttons.
This latex wrist wallet keeps your valuables safe! It has a pocket with zipper closure and snap buttons allowing it to be slightly adjustable in size. It also features a red stripe to show off your fetish.
A practical wristband made of pure latex, with an integrated wallet, so that you can always carry your valuables with you at any club, party, or fetish event. Fastens closed with snap buttons (slightly adjustable in...
This heavy rubber belt will go perfectly with any rubber jeans putting the finishing touch to the perfect outfit. With a high quality metal buckle and 6 or 7 holes reinforced with metal eyelets.
A cool heavy rubber carrying pouch for your stuff. Specifically designed with two loops to wear on your belt. A metal latch makes it super easy to open and close it, even when your fingers are slippery!

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