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L-811-E Five (5) Buckle Cincher

Create a powerful look with this heavy rubber waist cincher. The front features five buckles. The back laces up through metal eyelets.

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5 Buckle Cincher
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Add an amazing accessory to your latex outfit and cinch your waist in a bit! The front and back panels are made of heavy neoprene, which helps slim the waistline.  The sides are made of 1mm thick latex giving some stretch to this long rubber belt. The panels are reinforced with metal studs. The front can be opened through 5 high-quality metal buckles. The straps are also cut out of thick neoprene. The fit can be adjusted by the back lacing. This long cincher looks great when directly worn on the skin, but it also looks nice layered over other latex, such as a t-shirt or catsuit.


To put on: Open the buckles completely. Untie and totally loosen the back lacing. Hold the belt around your waist and close the front buckles first before lacing up the back tightly.

To take off: Loosen the back lacing first, before opening the front buckles.  Completely opening or closing all the buckles at once when the lacing is already tightly laced can damage the buckles or buckle straps since there is too much strain on them through the lacing.

Our waist cinchers are not corsets. They cinch in the waist a bit, but will not reduce the waist size as much as a corset with boning. Treat this heavy rubber cincher like your latex clothing. Wipe it down with a wet cloth if it needs a clean. Polish it with your latex care products and keep it in a cool, dark place.

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5 Buckle Cincher

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