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L-829-E Latex Open Mouth Hood

Made from our 0.4mm latex. This rubber hood has a large opening for the mouth and nose. The eye areas are Micro-perforated with tiny holes allowing good visibility for the wearer. 

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This hood has two great features:

1) An open nose, mouth, and chin area. This allows for extra easy access to the mouth and optimal breathing through your nose while your mouth is…occupied.

2) Micro-perforated holes over the eyes. The tiny holes over the eyes create a screen-like surface you can see through with amazing visibility. But since the holes are so small, the hood appears as if there are no eye holes. This also provides better anonymity. See everything without being seen!

As with all our hoods, this hood is cut and glued, not molded, which means the latex is better quality and holds its shine longer. Check our size table to make sure you choose the right size for your head and neck. Contact us if you have any questions.

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