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L-634-A Textured Latex Atlas Suit

An even more impressive version of our Atlas catsuit. We have etched the entire surface of this beautiful latex catsuit with our Sahara print, giving the rubber surface another dimension. A front entry zip goes though to the back for easy to wear and easy access.

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Textured Latex Atlas Suit
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Our Atlas suit was inspired by the Greek mythology of Atlas, who showed his extreme strength by carrying the world on his shoulders. We think the bold seams between the contrasting metallic purple and black latex create a powerful design. The shoulder detail adds a futuristic edge. The front zipper goes through the crotch and ends above the butt. 5 zipper pulls allow you to create holes in multiple places.

Etched latex is a Latex101 specialty. We take quality latex and carve a pattern into the surface, creating a unique way that the rubber reflects light. When shined, the latex shows off an intricate print that won’t rub off. We’ve used this technique on our Atlas suit to create a stunning, full body catsuit that is truly out of this world.

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Textured Latex Atlas Suit

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