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L-263-E Thong

A timeless classic - the Thong. Originally invented to cover, support, and protect. Our latex version does that, and also makes your ass look great. Cut out of real rubber, 0.5mm thick. Hand cut and glued to achieve an anatomical fit that is comfortable to wear. 

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What are the benefits of a thong, other than it looking incredibly hot? Well, the cut is optimal for support because it lifts and holds your assets close to your body. But without the extra fabric over the hips and ass in the back, a string feels light and less constrictive. Thongs are also ideal for wearing under another layer of latex since the outer layer will appear smoother without any excess folds. The even greater advantage to a LATEX thong is being able to see the form of the genitals through the shine and reflection of the latex. The string is a must have menswear article to have in any man's closet, and our rubber version is a must have for any latex fetishist.

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