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L-333-K Raglan Shirt with Marbled Sleeves

Sometimes all you need is a subtle detail to make you stand out of the crowd. We took our classic rubber Raglan T-Shirt and used our iconic marbled latex for the sleeves. No Zipper.

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Raglan Shirt - Marbled Sleeves
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If you don’t already know our marbled latex, our raglan shirt with marbled sleeves is a good intro. Our marbled rubber sheeting is completely handmade, which means every sheet is unique and every item we make out of this sheet is one of a kind. The raglan t-shirt is a great basic to have in your fetish wardrobe. It’s athleticwear inspired cut makes it easy to combine with any of our shorts. Add some socks and sneakers and you’re ready for any sport fetish night. This rubber top also looks awesome paired with latex jeans and boots for a more dressed up menswear looked. No zipper means a smooth, sleek torso that looks super sexy when its all lubed up. This also means you need to be a bit careful while putting this tight fitting top on. Use talc or lube to avoid tearing the latex while putting this baby on.

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Raglan Shirt - Marbled Sleeves

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