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L-409-E Leggings

These leggings are figure hugging and show off your lower body. Made from 0.50mm latex these feel great.

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So yeah, men’s leggings are now mainstream. But you’ll always be 10 steps ahead mainstream fashion with our latex leggings. Not that you care. But we just wanted to let you know. :P

Our leggings are of course, body hugging, bootylicious pieces of quality latex hand cut and glued to show off your legs. But don’t worry, we’ve left a bit of room for your man parts in the crotch so you can still enjoy the evening with ease. Whether you are experienced with latex or not, we always recommend using talc or lube to get leggings on. Make sure you get your whole foot in through before pulling the pants up, and be careful not to tear the latex with your fingernails. Once you get them on, shine them up with some latex polish and enjoy the incredibly sexy site of yourself in your new, man-tights.. or as some people call them, meggings!

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