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Zip Options Explained

At the moment, we've cut back on our zip options and are only offering Front Thru Zip on those with zip option choices. Neck Entry, Shoulder Zip and other alternative entry suits do exist as their own products and have some zip options, they are shown below.

Buying any new item of clothing is always a considered purchase. Latex is definitely no different. In fact, because you're getting something so bespoke, you should make sure you always know what you're choosing. This page explains our zip options, how we name them and what they refer to.

Below is an image of the various zip options, where they go, how many zip runners they have and whether or not you can have a codpiece with them. The red line depicts where the zip will run from and to. The black triangular bits on the zip are the runners (though it is also in the title how many there are in a particular zip option). And the grey codpiece in the corner of each one will tell you whether or not it can get a codpiece.

Not every product will show these options as there are some on this list that we don't offer as standard. If you're ever in doubt about anything you can give us a call or contact us via the Contact Form.

Front Thru Zip
Crotch Thru Zip 2
Ass Zip
Front Crotch Zip