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Texture Chart

Here is a chart that shows how our textured latex patterns show on our latex. We take our normal latex and we carve the patterns into the surface using a process we developed. We offer textured latex only in the colours from our standard colour chart that work really well and which show up the texture.

We can also get hold of almost any other colour you can think of, and we can texturise the surface for you and make it into our garments. Dark colours work best as it can be difficult to see against lighter colours. It can take a few days to get special coloured latex ordered, to carve the surface and get the items ready for you. If there's going to be a delay we'll let you know - but there usually won't be.

There is a charge for textured latex items which is built into the prices you see in the textured latex product category. If you would like a product that isn't listed in that category to be textured, let us know. There will be a charge for the textured latex, which is normally about the same as the price for our Marbled Latex (whose additional charges are listed on the non-marbled items).

What we love about the textured latex is how it adds another dimension onto your gear, it really personalises it. Whatever you would like us to make, let us know. We just want you to look awesome.


Textured Latex Chart