Latex 101

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Dress Shirt

An absoloutely beautiful shirt with lots of detail. Cuffs and collar and pockets make this heavy wei..

£150.00 Ex Tax: £125.00

Extra Codpiece

An extra codpiece that will fit any of our garments with a codpiece option.  Choose from 4 Butt..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £12.50

Full Catsuit - Front Thru Zip

A full length suit made from a thick 0.5mm gauge of latex (semi transparent colours may be thinner)...

£210.00 Ex Tax: £175.00

Heavy Jeans

These jeans are made from heavyweight Black 0.7mm latex, and they feel awesome. Fitted with front po..

£160.00 Ex Tax: £133.33

Heavy Kilt

A gorgeous, straight unpleated kilt made from heavier Black 0.7mm latex. This garment only comes in ..

£125.00 Ex Tax: £104.17

Heavy Kilt with Lacing

A gorgeous, straight unpleated kilt with lacing detail. Made from heavier Black 0.7mm latex. The kil..

£135.00 Ex Tax: £112.50


A Jockstrap in a single colour or with contrasting stripe on the front. The waistband and straps are..

£30.00 Ex Tax: £25.00

Lace-up Jockstrap

A sexy piece for any jockstrap lover's wardrobe. Made with 0.5mm latex with a thicker latex wai..

£45.00 Ex Tax: £37.50

Latex 101 Logo Tee

This simple and cool t-shirt design showcases our logo. Need help with sizes? Look at the si..

£75.00 Ex Tax: £62.50

Latex 101 Ultimate Briefs

Our Ultimate Briefs. A new cut of brief which gives your package ample support, trimmed in a colour ..

£40.00 Ex Tax: £33.33

Latex 101 Ultimate Tri Shorts

Our Ultimate Tri Shorts are great.  With three separate bands of colour, you can create somethi..

£50.00 Ex Tax: £41.67

Latex Apollo Suit

Similar to the design of our Sports Suit, this short Apollo is a surf suit style with some unique li..

£165.00 Ex Tax: £137.50

Latex Atlas Suit

The Atlas is a beautiful latex suit, with constrasting middle panels and arms, it definitely conveys..

£225.00 Ex Tax: £187.50

Latex Axion Suit

The Axion is a great rubber catsuit with a beautiful design, the panels are dotted around the b..

£215.00 Ex Tax: £179.17

Latex Cadet Shirt

This great shirt, with a side panel on the front and back in a colour of your choice and matching sh..

£110.00 Ex Tax: £91.67

Latex Cleaner

Use this latex cleaner to draw talc, shiner and particles off the surface of your latex for storage,..

£9.00 Ex Tax: £7.50

Latex Contrast Singlet

The Contrast Singlet is a fantastic rubber singlet with a striking curved design all over. The ..

£130.00 Ex Tax: £108.33

Latex Helix Suit

The Helix is a wonderful latex catsuit, with contrasting swipes accross the body and down the arm, i..

£220.00 Ex Tax: £183.33

Latex Jacket

A great rubber outfit in the style of a biker jacket made in heavier Black 0.7mm latex. Wi..

£170.00 Ex Tax: £141.67

Latex Morpheus Suit

The Morpheus is a great rubber catsuit. Contrasting panels placed on across the body emphasis m..

£230.00 Ex Tax: £191.67