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Welcome to our frequently asked questions section. We hope that some of the questions and answers listed below can help you. But if you're still needing help, you can contact us through the Contact Form.


My order says "Processing", what does this mean?

Processing is quite a general status on our website. Processing means that we've received your order and payment and that your order is either in the queue waiting to be made, or is waiting to be packed and sent if all of your items are in stock.


My order has been stuck in "Processing" for a while. How can I tell when it will be shipped?

Assuming you've ordered some Made to Order items, we quote our lead time on the Shipping and Delivery page. Generally, it is about 10 - 12 weeks depending on the complexity and number of items, but check the Shipping and Delivery page just in case. If you're wanting more details then you can contact us through the Contact Form.

Is your packaging discreet?

Yes. We do try to make our packaging as discreet as possible. Latex 101 is not mentioned on the package anywhere. Our return address label is the address of our main workshop, which you can find on the footer of this page, without the company name. The addressee on the return address is one of our directors. For international customers, a CN22 customs label is required to detail what is in the package. But we try to be as vague as we can and put names of items like "suit","underwear" and "shirt". Again, latex is not mentioned on this form either.


 What is In Stock and what is Made to Order on your website?

Determining this is really easy. Any items that are in stock will have "In Stock" in the product title. If you've found something you like and want to see if it's in stock, all you need to do is search for that item name with "in stock" in the search parameters. Generally, any of the care and polish items are also In Stock. We keep the gloves list up to date with whatever we've got in stock as well. We don't have in stock products for some of the accessories like bags and trouser belts as we generally stock them as well. But if you want to double check before you order, feel free to contact us through the Contact Form.

How can I add comments to my order?

Comments can be added to your order when you go through the checkout process. You can write anything in there regarding the order and products.


I can't get my order through SagePay, what can I do?

If you contact us on the Contact Form, we will discuss other methods of payment.


Do you have a Colour Chart?

Yes! We have a Colour Chart, a Textured Latex Colour Chart and a Textured Latex Chart. They're all listed on the Info menu.


I'm a bit confused about the zip options on your suits. Are there any diagrams to show what the various options look like?

Yes! The Zip Options Explained page shows you a picture of each option with the number of runners and the name we use to refer to them. If you're still confused then you can contact us through the Contact Form.