Colour Chart

Colour Chart
Colour charts are usually quite dull, so we thought we'd make it much more interesting. All our standard colours are shown on the asses below.

We can also get hold of almost any colour you can think of, but it can take a few days to get the latex ordered and bring the colour into stock. If there's going to be a delay we'll let you know - but there usually won't be.

The marble colours are hand-made custom sheet latex, as every sheet is unique, the precise shade and the pattern will be different and unique on each item. That's one of the things we really love about it!

We generally have sheets of the marble colours in the chart in stock, we can also provide other colours and patterns to order, but this can take some time. At busy times we might have to wait for some of the sheets to be made, but you can normally rely on the colours shown below being available in the same timescale as the other colours.

As the latex is made by hand, there is a charge for items made in the custom latex. This is shown on the item product options, and depends on the style of the piece. We don't charge any extra for any of our standard colours, even the metallic colours. We just want you to look awesome.

 Black  Red White  Yellow
 Royal Blue  Nightshade Blue  Mid Blue Light Blue
 Olive Green  Plum  Orange Chocolate
 Jade Green  Metallic Blue Metallic Peacock Metallic Platinum
 Metallic Pewter  Metallic Old Gold  Metallic Green  Metallic Silver
 Metallic Red  Metallic Bronze  Metallic Purple  Metallic Fuchsia
  Translucent Blue  Translucent Smoky Black  Translucent Olive  Translucent Natural


 Marbled Blue  Marbled Yellow Marbled Red Marbled Green
Marbled Purple Marbled Pink Marbled Black/Yellow Marbled Black/Red
Marbled Silver/Red Marbled Orange     





How'd ya like them apples! Who says colour charts are boring!