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Care Information

Caring For Your Latex

To keep your latex clothing in good condition you must ensure that it is handled with care. Latex can be kept for many years in good condition. To help you understand how to look after your purchase we have listed below some helpful hints.

  1. Latex will tear very easily if it is pulled or snagged on anything. Long fingernails can be very hazardous.
  2. Always use plenty of talc on the inside of the garment to assist pulling on. Be careful at this stage with long fingernails.
  3. Latex can be affected by perfume, body sprays and body oils. Do try to avoid these coming into contact with the garment. Also many forms of liquid can affect the surface finish of latex, be very careful when leaning against a wet bar top etc.
  4. Light coloured latex can stain very easily. A chemical reaction can occur when latex comes into contact with copper or copper deposits, so try to avoid handling coins.
  5. The outer surface of latex can be polished using a water based polish such as our own Latex Shiner Fluid. Silicone sprays and fluids will make your latex shine bright, but the silicone  makes the garment near-impossible to repair.
  6. When removing your garments wash them with luke warm soapy water and rinse them thoroughly in the shower. Turn them inside out allow to dry.  The garment must then be thoroughly dried and talced on the inside. Beware! Washing too much and leaving the garment in water can cause the garment to lose its shine.
  7. When latex comes in contact with light it develops a white powdery bloom. This bloom cleans off, but is undesirable and weakens the rubber’s strength and shine. You can avoid this by storing your garment in a cool dry place out of the light, covered by a black bin liner.
  8. Each time you wear your garment put more talc on the inside and if required polish the outside surface.

Following these instructions should ensure that your garments last for many years, however, latex is a natural product and can wear very quickly particularly at stress points such as the elbows, knees and seat and especially when the garment is tight fitting.