Our Range

Latex 101 is probably best known for the wall of pants! Come see us at any event and you can see our legendary latex 101 ultimate shorts – the best boy shorts in the world. We love coloured latex and our shorts are the best showcase for this. Have a look at our colour chart and you’ll see what we mean! You can customise your shorts with stripes, coloured waistband or pouch, and we do several variations, including zip shorts, codpiece shorts and logo shorts.

We have a range of underwear, including latex thongs, briefs, vests and jockstraps. We love our range of underwear – as they’re really well priced and use much heavier material and construction than you can find elsewhere for the same price.

Our range of hero gear is one of the things we’re really well known for. Stewart has a real hand for putting custom logos, not just the ones we list on our site, onto our range of shirts. Of course we have all of your favourite superhero logos but also we can put almost anything, within reason, onto a shirt for you.

Latex 101 has the biggest range of gas masks available from any fetish retailer in the UK and Europe (we think the world, but we’re not going to put our necks out that far yet), and we’re always working hard to find new styles for our customers. We have Russian, British, Israeli, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, and many other styles of gas masks, gas mask tubes, filters and accessories. If we don’t have it listed, we can normally still get hold of what you want.

We also design and make ranges of latex suits, latex trousers and latex care products.
We also stock a huge range of the best fetish accessories for men and for women too.
Some of these are sold through our sister site www.kinkaccessories.com.