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L-625-C Sleeveless Surf Suit

Surf through a crowd of admirers with our rubber surf suit. A blue stripe on the side lets you express your preference. This classic style surf suit is sleeveless, and features a front zip that goes through the crotch to the back.

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Sleeveless Surf Suit blue stripe
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Our classic rubber surf suit is designed to fit like a second skin. It has nice wide shoulders to accentuate the masculine figure. A snug fit over the torso shows off your ass and upper legs. But don't worry, we've made sure that the crotch area is comfortable, leaving some room for your man parts. A front entry zip makes this one-piece suit easy to get on. Plus you have 5 zipper pulls to create openings where you like. How cool is that? This version fetaures a blue stripe of latex on the side. Not only does it make the suit more sporty, but it also expresses what interests you have. 

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Sleeveless Surf Suit blue stripe

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Prepare to get wet in our latex surf suit. A yellow stripe on the side lets you express your kink in this classic style surf suit. Sleeveless, with a front zip that goes through the crotch to the back.
The Triton is a fantastic short rubber suit with a beautiful design. This short sleeved suit is highlighted with contrasting panels in metallic blue latex over one side of the torso and one leg. It has a front thru...
Some times less is more! That is certainly the case with our rubber Access Suit. We’ve designed it with access to all areas in mind. The front of the crotch area is open, as well as the ass area. And the latex over...
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Once you’re in our latex surf suit, all you have to do is “Ride the Wave”. This classic style surf suit is sleeveless and has a front zip that goes through the crotch to the back. A single red stripe on the side,...
Our body contouring short sleeve surf suit in 0.5 mm latex will prepare you for some wet fun. A Front entry zipper runs through to the backside and is equipped with 5 zipper pulls for easy access to mulitple places. 
This suit is the sleeveless version of our surf suit, texured with our "Circuit" print. With a front through zip that goes all the way through the crotch to the back. 
This is an eye-catching version of our sleeveless rubber surf suit in blue marbled latex. This latex is semi-transparent and completely handmade. There is a front entry zipper that goes through to the back. 
Get wet in our classic rubber surf suit. Our traditional surf suit cut without sleeves and high neckline. This 0.5mm latex suit has a long zip that runs from the front to the back. 

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