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L-610-E Full Catsuit - Front Thru Zip

A full length suit made from a thick 0.5mm gauge of latex. Fitted with a front through zip from the front top to the small of the back, with five runners.

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Full Catsuit - Front Thru Zip
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If you love feeling totally enclosed in latex, then our full length cat suit is for you. With long sleeves, long pant legs, and a high collar, your body will be covered in rubber.  Made from 0.5mm high quality, black latex. This full catsuit is fitted with a front through zip that runs from the top of the collar to the small of the back. We include five zipper runners so you can open the suit in two places for easy access. The zipper makes life a bit easier, but of course, we still recommend you use talc or lube to help you get into the legs and sleeves of this body contouring catsuit.

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Full Catsuit - Front Thru Zip

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