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L-234-C Textured Contrast Hipster Shorts

These Contrast Hipster shorts are made of black and metallic blue latex and textured with our original circuit pattern. The low rise cut is really sexy and the seam lines are extremely flattering to any ass.

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Textured Contrast Hipster Shorts
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Our contrast hipster shorts are designed to highlight the best parts of a man. The lines between the contrasting color panels really highlight the ass, in our opinion. They are cut even shorter than our Ultimate shorts but are still comfortable to wear. We created this version in black and metallic blue latex, and textured the entire surface with our gorgeous circuit pattern. Made out of 0.5 mm rubber with a slightly heavier waistband for sturdiness. We texture our latex with our original patterns ourselves, so you can be sure you are wearing a truly unique design.

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Textured Contrast Hipster Shorts

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