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L-355-E Vest

Our latex vest is cut to show off your body, especially the arms and shoulders. Made of 0.5 mm latex, this top is 100% rubber and without a zip for a super smooth silhouette. 

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If you like to show off a bit and love being the center of attention, then this latex vest is for you. It has a clean, straightforward design that has "look at me" written all over it. It's low cut neckline shows off your chest. The narrow straps and back also show off your shoulders and arms beautifully. There is no zip, so make sure to use talc or lube to get this baby on. But the extra effort will be worth it, since once it's on, the zip free form creates a smooth silhouette. 

So attention seekers, get ready, because lots of guys are ready to give you their full attention now... 

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