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L-348-G Textured Armour Latex Sports Hoody

This latex hoody is full of detail! The duo-tone design really highlights the shoulders and arms. We love the sportswear look with the addition of a hoody. And we've textured the entire surface with our "Armour" pattern, to give it a truly unique shine. 

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  • Armour texture
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Textured Latex Sports Hoody
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Sometimes we like to go all out with our designs, and this hoody is a prime example. We’ve taken our Sports Hoody and textured it with our “Armour” pattern. Textured latex is a Latex101 specialty that really sets us apart from other brands. We take latex, permanently carve a sexy pattern into it and you have a new way to express your fetish. When shined up, it’s strikingly beautiful and the pattern won't rub off.

Our sports hoody has long sleeves and of course, our sportswear inspired hood. We use black 0.5mm latex for the torso and green 0.5mm latex for the sleeves and shoulders to make this rubber shirt really stand out. The outside of the hood is also green, while the inside lining of the hood is black and also textured.

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Textured Latex Sports Hoody

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