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L-344-G Textured Latex Raglan T-Shirt

This top is on fire! If you like our rubber Raglan Tee, check out this black and green version fully textured with our Fire pattern. No zip means an ultra smooth silhouette that true latex fetishists love.  

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Textured Latex Raglan T-Shirt
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Latex 101 has reinvented the ways that rubber can look with our range of textured latex. We take high quality latex sheeting and etch a permanent pattern into it. This creates a new dimension to the surface of the latex and reflects the print beautifully. It’s a whole new way to express your fetish, and the print won’t rub off with time. This Raglan Tee is the same cut as our standard Raglan t-shirt, but completely textured with our Fire print. There is no zip, so make sure to use talc or lube up to help you put this skin tight rubber shirt on to avoid tearing.

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Textured Latex Raglan T-Shirt

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