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L-312-E Short Sleeved T-Shirt

You can’t go wrong with a black latex T-shirt. It’s a must have in any kinkster’s wardrobe. No Zipper means an ultra smooth torso, which provides an uninterrupted shine once it’s all lubed up.

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  • Black
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Short Sleeved T-Shirt
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Our classic short sleeved T-shirt in 0.5 mm gauge latex is timeless. Every fetishist needs a rubber T-shirt in their closet. It’s easy to combine with anything, even a black pair of cotton jeans! For more casual dates and occasions, the latex T-shirt creates a simple yet chic outfit that will always turn heads in your neighborhood bar or club. Or polish it up to maximum shine for the next fetish event. No zip means you should use talc or lube to get into it without damaging the latex. But once you’re in, you can enjoy a smooth zip free torso that really shows off your upper body.

If you prefer a zip, check out zipper version under Related Products.

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Short Sleeved T-Shirt

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