About Us

Hello! We’re Latex 101.

We are a team of talented folks based in the West Lothian village of Armadale.

Latex 101 was started by the directors of the company, Richard and Stewart, in 2007. Stewart controls all our making, runs the workshop and is one of the most talented makers in the industry bar none. Richard runs everything else. We have grown as a team since then, and now we are a group of ten multi-talented fashionistas.

We believe in co-operation. That the team can do more together. Everyone plays their part.

Customers can buy gear made all over the world. But we believe our team is the best. Talented. Hard working. And here in Scotland, we are proving that high quality, unique and original designs, and industry-leading innovation can still be achieved at a good price.

Our making team is growing and improving in experience and skills by the year. We have qualified fashion and 3D modelling graduates, skilled latex clothing makers, pattern makers, and dedicated and committed learners who work hard and never shirk at the gross, boring or hard jobs that are part of having a latex clothing company.

Dickie is a maker and makes a variety of items for our customers. Beth, our in-house fashion graduate does much of our patterning and makes smaller items. Jo and Bridget both make from their own workshops in England, are accomplished makers of latex clothing and accessories, and run their own alternative clothing businesses.

Melanie draws and cuts our material for giving and sending to our makers, as well as doing odd workshop jobs. Ryan, the latest addition to our team has a variety of jobs and also does some modelling when we need it. Gavin does product development, 3D modelling, social media, photography and many of our technical jobs, and Rachael looks after our accounts, admin and also digitises a lot of our patterns from the scanner.

It takes a lot of skills to run a company like Latex 101.

We are thrilled to meet you. Happy shopping.